Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Glass or Crystal Nail Files

It's an amazing new discovery in the nail world.  Files made from glass or 'crystal' with a super fine grit.  Why are these so amazing?  Let's count the reasons!

1.  The grit is very fine and glides over the ends of the nails with incredible ease.  No snagging, and not as much fringe under the nail's free edge.

2.  As long as you don't drop it, and it's a real glass or crystal file, it will not wear down.  It's a file for a lifetime!

3.  It helps keep your nails healthy.  I've been using one for two months now, as well as the other girls that work at the salon.  We have less chips, less peeling, and generally healthier looking nails.  Along with the use of cuticle oil, you have two of the biggest secret weapons to attain beautiful, natural nails.

4.  It files away the nail very quickly.  It's helped improve the amount of time I spend on nail maintenance, and allows more time for pampering in all the nail services I provide.

We have glass files available at Purify Salon.  Buy one and you're done! 

Keep an eye out for my next post...I'm trying out a new mani :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oily/Acneic Skin and Moisturizers

Many people have slightly oily/acneic skin.  The problem is, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out exactly how to keep it under control.

1.  Always use a moisturizer.
     -This is huge!  I know of a lot of people that have told me they don't use a moisturizer because they don't like the feel, or think it clogs their pores, or maybe adds to the oil that's already there.  What happens when you wash your face, is you strip a lot of the natural oils.  If you don't replenish your skin with some sort of moisture, it's going to go into overdrive and make things much worse. You simply need an oil free moisturizer to fix this whole problem.  That's it!  At Purify Salon we carry [comfort zone] products which has a mattifying oil free moisturizer, which I LOVE! 
[comfort zone]'s website - check out the great products we use!!!!

2.  Exfoliate
     -Exfoliating can seem like a scary thing.  But it's truly not.  Go for a gentle exfoliater, not something that has ground up walnuts or almonds.  That is not a good thing to put on your face.  You want synthetic beads or naturally round exfoliating particles.  [comfort zone] also offers a great scrub with algae particles in it to gently remove the dead skin stuck in your pores.  Therefore, you will be getting the top layer of gunk scraped away, and then your pores will indeed start to become cleaner and less blocked.  Only exfoliate once a week until your skin becomes accustomed.  After several weeks you can start doing it twice a week.

3.  Oily skin stays younger longer.
     -Dry skin tends to age faster than oily skin.  Oily skin is keeping the skin coated, protected from any pollutants, and very moisturized, whether it's pretty or not ;)  Keep this in mind, people!  Try to be thankful for all that extra oil.  You'll be excused from premature aging!  ( for a little while )

4.  Get a facial
     -Estheticians know which blackheads and whiteheads are ready to come out.  We clean the skin, prep it, and do extractions the correct way.  Please, if you are going to pick at your own face DON'T USE YOUR FINGER NAILS.  There is so much dirt under your finger nails you can make a blemish ten times worse.  Use q-tips or wrap your nails in cotton and gently push down and inwards.  (I'll be writing a blog about this subject later.)  It also helps if you do it after you get out of the shower when your skin is the softest and you pores are open. 

5.  Use blotting papers
     -You can go to just about any beauty section in any drugstore or grocery store and find blotting or rice papers.  You can keep these in your purse or pocket and blot that oil away any time your feeling oil-slickish.  They are heaven sent!  Especially in the summer.

If you have any questions about oily or acne prone skin that wasn't answered...go ahead and ask!
Hope you enjoyed it and learned something.

Monday, March 12, 2012

There are many misconceptions in the beauty world...which I am here to shine some light on.  First I am going to talk about Shellac by CND (Creative Nail Design).
Shellac is a hybrid between gel sets and actual nail polish.  It comes in a bottle that is very similar to any other nail polish bottle.  The process includes: a cleansing of the nail plate, making it free from oils and any non-living cuticle skin, base coat, two coats of the shade you choose, an optional glitter layer  that Purify Salon now offers, and is finished with a top coat.  Once these are cured and the sticky layer is removed, your Shellac is completely dry and ready to go!

Now, here are some commonly asked questions about Shellac.

1. How long will this last?
     -Seeing how Shellac is a little more expensive, clients often ask 'how long will this last?'  The true answer is, it depends on you!  Everyone has different amounts of oil that is naturally present in their nails.  Everyone's nails are composed uniquely.  Some people have very brittle nails, while others have very thin flexible ones.  With all that said, I have had clients that it has lasted a week.  These individuals normally have adhesion problems with any type of nail products including acrylic, nail polish or gels.  Then there are the other half, that it lasts anywhere up to three weeks.

2. Will this damage the natural nail in any way?
     -Unlike most get polishes out there, YOU DO NOT FILE THE NATURAL NAIL with Shellac! That means there is simply a hard coating going over your nail, protecting it.  Nothing else. 

3.  Does Shellac keep the nail from breathing?
     -The nail does not need to 'breath' everyday.  As long as the seal between the product and your nails is secure and intact, there is no need to worry about any other health problems such as fungi, or bacterias messing with the nail.  When your Shellac is taken off and maybe even re-applied, that is plenty of time to let the nail 'breath'.

4.  How do I take this stuff off?
     -You can do one of two things.  You can either come back in and see me, or you can soak cotton balls in 100% acetone, place one on each finger, and then wrap aluminum foil around it for 10 minutes.  Then use an orange stick to scrape it off.  I don't charge extra for this if you are getting a service (re-application of Shellac or a mani/pedi) along with it.  No matter what you do DO NOT SOAK YOUR FINGERS IN ACETONE!  The soak off pads I have are engineered to sit perfectly over the nail bed, not your skin.  Some people that soak in acetone often become sensitized, and then cannot come in contact with it at all.

So those are the main questions.  A few tips before I wrap this up...
     -Use cuticle oil, or simply olive oil on your nails everyday.  It will make the Shellac last much longer, helping it stay more flexible if it were to get hit or bumped.
     -Don't peel off your Shellac.  Your asking for nasty nails til they grow back out.  (Think peeling, breaking, thin nails)
     -Try not to stare at your nails while driving.  It's simply not safe!

For all that were interested or curious, I hope I answered your questions.  If not, let me know :)