Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Glass or Crystal Nail Files

It's an amazing new discovery in the nail world.  Files made from glass or 'crystal' with a super fine grit.  Why are these so amazing?  Let's count the reasons!

1.  The grit is very fine and glides over the ends of the nails with incredible ease.  No snagging, and not as much fringe under the nail's free edge.

2.  As long as you don't drop it, and it's a real glass or crystal file, it will not wear down.  It's a file for a lifetime!

3.  It helps keep your nails healthy.  I've been using one for two months now, as well as the other girls that work at the salon.  We have less chips, less peeling, and generally healthier looking nails.  Along with the use of cuticle oil, you have two of the biggest secret weapons to attain beautiful, natural nails.

4.  It files away the nail very quickly.  It's helped improve the amount of time I spend on nail maintenance, and allows more time for pampering in all the nail services I provide.

We have glass files available at Purify Salon.  Buy one and you're done! 

Keep an eye out for my next post...I'm trying out a new mani :)

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