Saturday, October 13, 2012

You're going to wax me where?!

Ever since I started working as an esthetician, I boldy stated I would never do a brazilian wax.  As more of a modest person, I couldn't imagine being able to make my client feel comfortable, when I myself, did not. 

So, I suceeded in my promise to myself for quite sometime.  Don't get me wrong, I did bikini's with not much of a problem.  There were normally panties involved.  I also continued to grow more confident with every leg, arm, or brow I waxed.  Waxing is not something you can learn over night.  I still find myself making little mistakes and finding new ways to correct them. 

Where I work now, Being Mind Body Spirit, in Hummelstown, PA, offers brazilians.  I didn't even think to ask when I was hired.  My boss let me know I would be doing them.  I cringed at the thought. 

Instead of coming up with excuses, I took a deep breath and assured myself that I could do this.  I've had my esthetics license for three year, after all!  So I ordered a waxing video.  Queen Bee's Brazilian and Bikin DVD.

I watched it, and was pretty surprised by what I found.  Jodi Shay goes through a few of her clients, even some with problems you may come across, and gives every single one a brazilian.  She explains how to sections everything, which areas can be problematic, what to watch out for, etc.  

Next I found a brave client, and offered her a discounted price so I could practice.  I did so two times before I felt I was ready for full paying customers. 

Now I'm doing them without much thought.  I don't even bat an eyelash.  I feel that I make my clients at ease, becuase I'm now comfortable with the service I'm providing. 

The point of sharing this little breakthrough, is to urge you all to step out of that comfort zone and try something that scares you to death.  It's probably not nearly as bad as you think. 

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