Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is a facial?

What is a facial?

Might sound like a silly question to some...but believe me, many haven't been lucky enough to experience one!  Most people are curious, but feel silly asking a question such as, 'What is involved in an average facial?'.  Fear no longer!  I'm going to walk through a basic, 50-60 minute long facial.

I like to start by allowing my client to inhale peppermint essential oil.  85% of my clients have a hard time relaxing, and deep breathing, along with the peppermint seem to really help let go of that tension!

Cleansing is the next step.  After that is the amazing feeling neck and facial massage.  If you weren't relaxed before, you should be after this!  All products are removed with moist, warm towels. 

If you need exfoliation I take care of that with some steam. 

Extractions!  My favorite part...but maybe not yours.  This is when the skin is the softest, because of the steam, and I use a small instrument to get any build up of sebum or other dirties out of your pores. ;)  Yeah...gross, but I LOVE IT!

I tone the skin after extractions.  The [comfort zone] toner I use has gentle antibacterial properties, so it makes sure all the extraction sites are clean, with no chances of infection or further breakouts.

Next I use a mask that is appropriate for your skin type.  A hand massage is given while the mask does it's magic.  (Believe me, their masks are AWESOME!)

Once the mask is removed, I apply a moisturizer, and you are left with softer, cleaner, visibly dewy skin!  Gotta love that!

Hope this explained more to any who were wondering.  We also have a shorter 30 minute facial, and a specialized 70 minute facial, which includes more potent, yet gentle ingredients for more mature or possibly, very congested, acneic clients.

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